Email Security – How Secure Is Your Email Account?

Are you in the habit of opening strange emails? If yes, don’t worry, you are not alone. Most people have admitted to opening whichever email sent to them without realizing how harmful it can be 😦

Email security is an issue that can no longer be ignored in today’s world where email has become customary in all organizations. With the daily threats of hackings, viruses spam, identity theft, phishing and the security of business information, email security should indeed be a priority for most if not all businesses and organizations 😦

A huge percent of computer threats have been proven to come in through vulnerable or insecure email accounts and email attachments that are uninspected or unscanned.

There are different means through which emails and email users can be protected and they include using security software and security technology. Installing security packages will go a long way in securing emails as will the practising of good security habits and policies.

These security packages will come in the form or virus scanners and spam filters which when used with good security habits will protect email accounts, passwords and the computer at large from these dangerous threats 🙂

The security of your emails begins with identifying the email addresses owned by you or your company. The next step should be to consider how often strange emails are opened by you or your employees. Strange emails could be those that are sent by people or companies that are unfamiliar. One thing you should be sure of is that your email provider and computer are scanning all attachments for viruses; after all, email security begins with you 🙂


What Is Adware?

Do you have your own computer/laptop 🙂 ? If the answer is yes, I bet you are a victim of Adware spying!  And it is affecting the performance of your treasured device 😦 .

Just like the name suggests, Adware has a lot to do with advertising. Also known as advertising-supported software, Adware can simply be described as any software package out there that renders or provides automatic advertisements for the benefit of its authors or manufacturers.

To come up with the appropriate adverts, such software will spy on you and collect your surfing habits and routines while you are online without your knowledge or permission.

“ 😦 Very sad, isn’t it?”

By secretly spying on you, such software will get an idea on where your shopping or business interests lie therefore deciding on the adverts to present on your screen and without your authorization.

Adware are common in software that come free or at a relatively low price. “Have you installed one lately 😦 ? I smell some trouble,”

To recover the cost of developing these software, the company will be counting on the income it will obtain from the companies that pay to have their adverts presented on your screen.

Other than through free or cheap software, adware can get into your computer as you surf the internet. This makes it possible for every computer out there to get infested with adware sooner or later.

Adware has been known to cause computer problems which can either be minor or major. It is possible for a single computer to become infested with several different adware programs which can create a number of complications which may include a slow operating system. Adware can also cause minor and major changes in the settings of an infected computer.

Adware and Changes in the Settings of an Infected Computer

In most cases, an adware infection will make changes on your internet browser. Some of these changes can be an altered homepage or the addition of a toolbar to your browser. While it is true that these two changes will not slow down your operating system, they can be quite annoying and bothersome.

Adware and a Slow Operating System

As we have already seen, Adware programs will always stalk you whenever you are online. For those who are not aware, all programs use the reserves of your processor and memory as they run and this includes the adware programs.

It is therefore quite obvious that the processor and memory of your computer will become overworked when several adware programs are running concurrently and this in turn makes your computer run extremely slowly. There are times when your computer will become so overworked that it completely fails to perform.

There are other ways in which adware programs harm your computer and they include attracting or pulling in new adware programs to your computer. This is especially true where you as the user have not bothered to take any action against the present adware programs.

The adware programs can also trick you into installing even more adware. You have probably noticed some pop-up windows that encourage you to click a button by giving you a “close window” option. The truth is that while you will still get to close the window by clicking, you will also have installed more adware in the process!

The good news 🙂 however, is that there are several programs for adware removal, some of which are free or for sale. The bad news 😦  is that most of these programs are actually meant to install even more adware.

In spite of this, there are genuine adware removal programs out there. However, there are serious cases of infection that can only be eradicated by the help of a professional.

The following tips will go a long way in helping you to protect your computer against adware programs:

  • Be extra careful when opening strange email attachments.
  • Whenever a pop-up window appears on your screen, use the X icon on the top corner to close it.
  • Avoid downloading any files and programs that you are not familiar with.
  • Scan your computer on a regular basis and make use of at least two programs for better results.