Email Security – How Secure Is Your Email Account?

Are you in the habit of opening strange emails? If yes, don’t worry, you are not alone. Most people have admitted to opening whichever email sent to them without realizing how harmful it can be 😦

Email security is an issue that can no longer be ignored in today’s world where email has become customary in all organizations. With the daily threats of hackings, viruses spam, identity theft, phishing and the security of business information, email security should indeed be a priority for most if not all businesses and organizations 😦

A huge percent of computer threats have been proven to come in through vulnerable or insecure email accounts and email attachments that are uninspected or unscanned.

There are different means through which emails and email users can be protected and they include using security software and security technology. Installing security packages will go a long way in securing emails as will the practising of good security habits and policies.

These security packages will come in the form or virus scanners and spam filters which when used with good security habits will protect email accounts, passwords and the computer at large from these dangerous threats 🙂

The security of your emails begins with identifying the email addresses owned by you or your company. The next step should be to consider how often strange emails are opened by you or your employees. Strange emails could be those that are sent by people or companies that are unfamiliar. One thing you should be sure of is that your email provider and computer are scanning all attachments for viruses; after all, email security begins with you 🙂


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