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CPR certification is strongly recommended for most professions today, but for babysitters, private duty care providers, and other professional caregivers, it is a must. In spite of everything, CPR certification is still offered even in workplaces that are not necessarily involved in caregiving. In such cases, the course is provided to interested employees as part of disaster preparedness.

However, unlike some people think, a CPR certification is not valid for eternity; it needs to get renewed on a constant basis. In most cases, your certification will be valid for 1-2 years or thereabouts, but this depends on certification providers.

The best time to think about your CPR recertification or renewal is around six months before the actual expiration date, and this is especially true if your profession is tremendously strict about this kind of certification. Six months or thereabouts will give you more than enough time to plan and prepare for a renewal. You may no longer be in a position to get recertified if your certification has been expired for 30 days in which case you will be obliged to retake the entire course.

If your CPR certification is from another country, it will not be recognized in the United States of America, but if it is from any of the 50 States, it will be recognized anywhere in the US until it expires.

Currently, there are two types of CPR recertification courses in the US, and they include the following:

  • Challenge course – this one is usually uncomplicated, and it involves an analysis of the holder’s knowledge and skill. In short, it is only a testing session; there is no teaching or reviewing involved in the process.
  • Renewal/review course – this one, as the title indicates, involves a review of the components of the program and is usually followed by a test.

If your profession requires CPR certification, it is the duty of your employer to provide the course and to advise you on which kind of renewal course to take. Talk to your direct manager or the HR department if you are unsure of which course to take.

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However, if your employer doesn’t offer the course or you wish to take or renew your certification out of your own will, there are several options for you. To begin with, you may choose to take an online renewal course. This happens to be the most popular option today, but if you choose to take this route, be extra careful when choosing the provider as there are many amateur sites claiming to offer CPR recertification all over the internet.

Secondly, you may choose to check with your local hospital, fire department, or any other department in your area that is likely to offer the course.


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