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The law of attraction can be described as a magnetic power or force that pulls similar energies together. This law attracts people, ideas, thoughts, circumstances, and situations.

Seeing that this law attracts similar energies, it is believed that one can attract his or her soul mate simply by understanding and following this rule. Once you understand the law of attraction, there is nothing you cannot attract, including love and money.

All it takes to understand this law is to focus on positivity and to believe that like attracts like. Below are some easy ways to find love through the law of attraction:

  1. Love yourself first

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Without first loving yourself, it would be impossible to love another.  Strive to love yourself and avoid negativity at all costs. If you tend to hate yourself and think of yourself as nothing but a failure, hate and failure is what you will get.

Work on accepting your life, your body, yourself, and you will start feeling positive and happy. It is only when you have achieved all this that your ideal partner will be pulled towards you by your positive energy.

  1. Aim to Become Like the Person You Want In Your Life

The law of attraction is simple – you simply attract what you are. In short, you have the power in you to attract a person with the qualities you have always desired. But there is a catch – you must have the same qualities too.

For example, if you want a happy partner, you must be happy too. The same case applies if you wish to have a trustworthy partner – you must be trustworthy as well.

So, how do you achieve this? Simple! List downs the qualities you would like in your partner. Some of these qualities could be caring, loving, funny, honest, faithful, etc.

Once you have created your list, go through each quality carefully and ask yourself if you possess it or not. A good idea would be to go through the list with someone who knows you well, like a best friend or sibling.

  1. Analyze your last relationship carefully

Next, sit down and carefully analyze your last relationship. Why did it fail? Were you happy with your then partner? Was he or she happy with you?

If you were not happy, what was the exact thing that made you unhappy? Perhaps your partner was too jealous? Maybe he or she was cruel?

List down the factors that may have brought the relationship to an end. Once you’re done, create another list with things or factors you think could have salvaged the relationship – things you wish were present then –things you would like your next relationship to have.

  1. Imagine and imagine more

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Once you’ve become the person you’d wish your partner to be, and you have a clear idea of what kind of relationship you want, use your imagination to create a vivid picture of your dream coming true.

Imagination will generate happiness and good feelings in you – two very important factors in the law of attraction. Imagine yourself meeting your ideal partner, kissing him or her, holding him or her, holidaying together, and simply being happy together.

  1. Believe and believe more

Finally, you must strongly believe in the law of attraction – believe that you will soon attract the person you desire. And don’t force the universe to bring a specific individual to you, instead, allow the universe to choose the right person for you.



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