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Facility maintenance jobs, also known as building maintenance, involves the repair and maintenance of apartments, offices, schools, government agencies, and other job sites. A facility maintenance worker may be called upon to repair a broken faucet or to replace a broken window pane.

In short, he or she is responsible for all repair and maintenance work in the building or facility. As a result, a building maintenance worker or hand must possess all, or a variety of skills associated with construction.

Additionally, he or she should ideally be living in the building or facility so as to be able to respond to issues quickly. In most cases, he or she must be willing and ready to respond to calls 24 hours a day. The occupation involves both outdoor and indoor work.

Some of the basic skills involved in this career or occupation include plumbing skills, carpentry, masonry, painting, roofing, and electric wiring skills. Sometimes, the job entails heavy lifting, and the worker, therefore, needs to be fit and agile.

However, not all repair and maintenance jobs in a building are the responsibility of a facility maintenance worker. Sometimes, he or she may lack the expertise to carry out some jobs or tasks, and a licensed professional will, therefore, be called upon to take over temporarily.

Education Requirements and Qualifications

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In most cases, a GED or high school diploma is usually enough to qualify for this kind of employment. However, most employers prefer candidates with a great deal of experience – something that is a real deal breaker for aspiring maintenance workers.

In spite of this, inexperienced individuals can always start as maintenance aides or helpers, interns, and apprentices, and work their way up. As mentioned at the beginning of this article, this kind of work is all about maintenance and repairs and one of the best ways to learn the skills involved is through experience. As it happens, Internship and apprenticeship are all great avenues to gain experience.

Average Salary or Earnings

In the U.S., the average salary or rate of a building maintenance worker is $16.50 per hour. However, this rate generally applies to beginners or inexperienced workers.

An experienced employee is likely to pocket an average of $20 -$26 per hour. Hourly rates may vary from State to State or from employer to employer. Schools, colleges, and other government institutions tend to have plenty of opportunities in this line of work, and they are known to pay higher wages or rates than private employers.